Jeff Tidball is a game publisher, producer, designer, and writer.

He’s the President of Left Justified Studio and Prolific Games, a two-headed publisher of tabletop board and card games. Marquee titles include Broken and Beautiful and Flapjacks & Sasquatches.

He consults and writes for a variety of game publishers and game industry companies. Recent clients include Chip Theory Games, Matt Paquette & Company, Gamermats / Pastimes, and Play All Day Games.

He’s a co-founder — with Will Hindmarch — of Gameplaywright, a small publisher of non-fiction books about games, stories, and the work of making them. The two of them sold the imprint to Pelgrane Press at the end of 2023.

Jeff will publish Gravstrike if it kills him. It’s his white whale of a miniatures board game design about hovertanks battling for sport in the arenas of the future. If all goes to plan, look for a Kickstarter in late 2024.

Jeff co-wrote — again with Hindmarch — the ENnie Award–winning Eternal Lies campaign for Trail of Cthulhu, designed the Origins Award–winning pirate coin game Pieces of Eight, co-designed (with Kenneth Hite) the indie sleeper Band or Album, and was the producer of the one-of-a-kind board game design toolkit The White Box. He’s also particularly proud of his game development and producing work on Dice Miner.

Jeff has taught game design and producing in workshops and seminars, as well as at the Kansas City Art Institute and University of Wisconsin–Stout.

Jeff’s family is just plain fantastic, and he feels like games are more or less the greatest thing ever.