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Tales of the Quaesitors Pre-Release Playtests

You can find me at Origins and GenCon this summer running playtests of Tales of the Quaesitors — Atlas Games’ in-development roleplaying game of mystery in the world of Ars Magica by way of the Gumshoe system. My GenCon events are already sold out and I expect the Origins session will sell out too, but there are almost always a few no-shows, so if you’re interested but missed the sign-up window, bring your generic tickets and drop by!

Origins 2016, June 15–19

6052 Tales of the Quaesitors 06/17/ @ 4–7p 6 players Hyatt — Champaign T2 Event Details

GenCon 2016, August 4–7

RPG1689685 Tales of the Quaesitors 08/04 @ 2–5p 6 players Location: TBA Event Details
RPG1689685 Tales of the Quaesitors 08/05 @ 9a–12p 6 players Location: TBA Event Details

Metatopia 2016, November 3–6

I’ll be at Metatopia again this year, presenting workshops and running prototypes of various games. Details are scant at the moment but more information as it becomes available!

GenCon 2014 Workshops

I was only able to spare enough time to run two workshops at GenCon 2014, but both were wildly successful.

Game Design Workshops
Hosted by Left Justified Studio

An intensive look at design and production. Board, card, and RPGs all covered by award-winning designer and former FFG game development VP Jeff Tidball. Bring ideas and questions; expect to learn!

Game Design and Production Workshop WKS1456945 Thurs 8/14 @ 9a–1p Event Details
Game Design and Production Workshop WKS1456943 Sat 8/15 @ 9a–1p Event Details

The goal of each workshop was simple:

To provide a small group of committed designers the opportunity to learn what they need to know to move their designs toward excellence, publication, or any other goals they’ve set for themselves.

  • Each workshop was an intensive, four-hour, hands-on look at the process of designing and publishing games.
  • Every workshop featured drop-in visits from guests across the game industry, including designers, publishers, printers’ reps, and more.
  • Registration for each workshop was limited to 14 attendees so that everyone could receive lots of direct attention.
  • Everyone was encouraged to bring specific ideas and questions that would move their own design projects forward.




In hopes of helping to improve the organization’s communications and responsiveness to member concerns, I decided to run for an at-large seat on the board of the Game Manufacturer’s Association, and was elected to a two-year term.


I attended my first smelt fry in Madison with John Kovalic, Ken Hite, Matt Forbeck, Hal Mangold, Brett Myers, and Alex Aulisi. So delightful. ¶ At Atlas Games, we announced Witches of the Revolution, a cooperative deck-builder I’ve been producing. We showed it off at the GAMA Trade Show.