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E-mail is best.
Sending an e-mail is the best way to get in touch with me. Response times range from a day to a month.

Social DMs
Direct messages via Twitter or Facebook if you must.
You can reach me with Twitter or Facebook messages, but I don’t reliably check those sources, they don’t create a convenient record of our communication, and each has troublesome restrictions. I realize they’re sometimes convenient, though.

Instant Messages
Let’s avoid these if we can help it.
Trying to get your work done with an IM client on is like being subject to the whole Internet poking you in the ear at any given moment. If you have a desperate need to chat or Skype it can be arranged, but only for special circumstances, please.



Summer without conventions is weird. ¶ Even so, I traveled a bunch in July, spending time socially distanced with distant friends, as well as at a pair of outdoor sports tournaments. ¶ Summer without conventions is weird.


I’ve been working on producing and developing Dice Miner, a truly wonderful dice drafting game with a unique mountain centerpiece, at Atlas Games for more than two years. In May, Dice Miner launched on Kickstarter. ¶ Will and I launched the Gameplaywright Weekly Digest, a short email with two links to things that have caught our attention. Sign up or read a sample.


With my Atlas Games hours furloughed to 20 per week and the Dice Miner Kickstarter pushed back, I made strides on a number of projects that usually wind up back-burnered, including bringing Ruby Hunters onto Tabletop Simulator. ¶ Also?  I turned 45.