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Trying to get your work done with an IM client on is like being subject to the whole Internet poking you in the ear at any given moment. If you have a desperate need to chat or Skype it can be arranged, but only for special circumstances, please.



Metatopia this year was a double feature: I also visited the designers of upcoming Atlas Games release Dice Miner, Joshua DeBonis and Nikola Risteski, in New York to go over that game’s final development decisions. ¶ The deluxe edition of Gloom of Thrones arrived. ¶ A window opened for the Atlas Games warehouse and main office to move northward to Duluth a few months before our lease otherwise expired, so we hustled to make it happen. (The Atlas R&D staff remains in the Twin Cities; we’ve moved to a new office suite in Roseville.)


Protospiel Madison! I played some amazing designs, tested a probable Left Justified Studio 2020 Kickstarter, and exposed a new Jeff Tidball–brand design about the spirit of the greatest teams in baseball to actual play for just the second time.