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I was on the Armchair Dragoons podcast, chatting with a panel of educators about teaching game design at the college level. ¶ For a virtual convention, GAMA Expo was a notable success. Although they can’t (yet?) replace for in-person shows, cons are getting closer.


Twenty-eight-day February seems like an apt month for progress on everything, but nothing brought fully complete. Teaching is ongoing, Gravstrike‘s faction logos were redesigned, Left Justified Studio’s kintsugi card game project found an artist, and I’m in the exciting process of [redacted], whose road, sadly, leads through a ton of accounting and tax filing.


The groundwork was laid in December, but in January I received the coin design for a new Band or Album campaign, to almost-certainly be called Band or Album Remix. To get word when it launches, sign up for my wildly infrequent email newsletter. ¶ I picked up a spring-term gig teaching an Introduction to Game Design course at UW-Stout. I really enjoyed teaching at the Kansas City Art Institute the semester I filled in there a few years ago, and am quite excited to taken another spin at teaching game design to college students.


2020 is almost over. Good riddance. ¶ Gravstrike graphic (re)design proceeds! Here’s a version of the new logo that’s getting very close, in a box cover mock-up and alone.

Gravstrike Logo 2 Progress