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Trying to get your work done with an IM client on is like being subject to the whole Internet poking you in the ear at any given moment. If you have a desperate need to chat or Skype it can be arranged, but only for special circumstances, please.



Back to school, with daily family schedules swinging back to the wintertime routine. Ugh. ¶ The GAMA Board of Directors met in Columbus to spend two days looking ahead to the Association’s future.


Gen Con! ¶ Family vacation! ¶ NecronomiCon!


At its annual meeting at Origins, I was elected the Secretary of GAMA, the trade association for tabletop game publishers, wholesalers, and retailers.


The most important thing I did in April was think, about two key things: How to improve the quality of my management, and how to spread myself less thin, to create greater impact where it’s important to me. You know, nothing big.